Monday, 24 March 2014

Date Ideas

Trying to plan a romantic date with your sweetie? Well, here are some tips and ideas you could use which could help you out without having to splurge!

1.       Go on a picnic.
Picnic dates can be so fun. Just pack a picnic blanket, some homemade sandwiches, box juice, fruits into a basket and you’re good to go. Now what could be more romantic than sharing a meal together on a lovely day like that?

2.       Movie night.
This is a fantastic idea without having to empty your wallet. Also, you get to do it in the comfort of your own home (or his!). Remember to choose a movie that both of you will enjoy. Grab some popcorn and cuddle up already!

3.       Go to the beach.
Grab some ice-cream and go for walks by the beach or even catch some waves!

4.       Volunteer at animal shelters.
Not only will you have fun together but you can to play with those adorable animals at the shelter. Also, take the opportunity to show your date how good you are with animals and blow him off his feet!

5.       Star gazing.
Just lying on the grass and watching the stars is so cute and romantic. Take the time to enjoy the calmness of the night sky with the presence of your date. 

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